Practicality Done in Style

When planning an outfit for a busy, unpredictable day it’s best to dress for all occasions. Minimalism is key for having an outfit that can transition to multiple events. I like to dress in a neutral color scheme so its easier to dress up or down.

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” —Marc Jacobs

22345.jpgThese heeled booties are my go-to for anytime I need comfortable shoes that also look put together. Black booties are the perfect staple shoe because they are so versatile. They are great for work, class, and  running errands. I got these boots from H&M and they are my most worn pair of shoes (similar here, and here). They are comfortable enough to wear for the entire day without any problems. I was able to trudge through a snowy central park with no problems.


Accessories like these earrings are perfect for on the go. They are a quick way to dress up an outfit, and are easy to remove for something more casual. These particular earrings (similar here, here, and here) are my current obsession. They have a modern look, but are simple enough to be paired with almost any outfit. The sleek design helps keep the outfit modern and pulled together.


I finished the look off with a long scarf, wool coat, and belled pants. It kept me cozy all day (for the most part) through snow, long walks through Central Park, and a trip to a museum. Truth be told, I do regret not wearing warmer pants, but I managed. This outfit was one of my favorites to put together. Its minimalistic, sophisticated, and perfect for all occasions.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”-anonymous



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