TMI-Closet Confessions

 Ashby Steen

Fashion Merchandising and Management student at Philadelphia University

Fun Fact: Plans her outfits months in advance (she’s planned up to the first week in April).

How long do you wait till you do your laundry?

“I do it once my hamper is too full to fit anything else, or until I run out of sleep undies (comfy undies). I have a set of about 12 pairs of granny  panties that I would not wear for anything else other than sleep. They say you’re suppose go commando when you sleep, but its just too much air flow for me”

What’s one fashion trend you can’t stand?

“Its not that I can’t stand it, I just wouldn’t wear it. It’s the really urban athliesure trend. For example Adidas or FentyXpuma. Its just not my aesthetic at all.”

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing, kept the tags on, and then returned it after wearing it?


cameron-dias-90s-makeupLeast favorite decade for fashion?

“2000 to 2010, the “aughts”. Blue eyeshadow is awful. “

How many pairs of underwear do you own?

“I’m counting how many I have that are clean because I just did laundry…43! I have 43, not counting dirties and the ones I’m wearing. My favorite pair is this turquoise thong that has pink across the band. Its not too small. It fits really well and is very comfy.”

What’s your most uncomfortable pair of shoes?

“My pink Steve Madden/Philly Aids Thrift monstrosities.

Favorite fashion quote/advice?

“‘Sweatpants are a sign of defeat-Karl Lagerfeld,’ because when I was in high school everyone wore sweatpants to school, and in 11th grade I decided that I would wear a different outfit everyday and never wear sweatpants again, because you dress for success, but if you wear sweatpants you feel like you want to go to sleep, but if you’re not then you want to go out and do things because you’re wearing this awesome outfit and you want as many people as possible to see it.”

CHALLENGE 1) Style an outfit using clothing already in your closet to create a look to get married in?


One fashion rule, you always break?

“Umm…what do i always break…umm I feel like I don’t. I guess I wear white after labor day? I don’t ever mix silver and gold, and I don’t mix navy and black. 924c75d04a9932ee7ec4f5811d8230d9

Which Sex and the City character are you?

“I am a Miranda/Samantha mix. 60% Miranda and 40% Samantha. 0% Charlotte! Just wanted to put that out there. Not that I don’t like her, I just don’t identify with her.”

How many times a week do you wear a bra?

“Uhh 1, but if counting sport bras than more than that, but if not then 1.”

One store you always go into, but never buy something from?

“Zara. I feel that it is over priced for fast-fashion”

CHALLENGE 2) Style an outfit using clothing already in your closet to create a look to rob a bank in.img_6776img_6768img_6783Would you rather be overdressed or underdressed?

“Overdressed, because when I’m going somewhere and I’m underdressed I feel like I wasted an opportunity to be overdressed.”

Sum up your style in a cliche catch phrase

“Vintage something… funky…vintage…awesome!”

Name a fashion icon who’s style you think is overrated?

“Haha Beyonce! …no Rihanna! Yeah Rihanna! I find Beyonce to be overrated in some things, but not her style. Rihanna is just overrated.”

How many times do you wear jeans before you wash them?

“uhh like 3…2 or 3.”

Oldest thing in your wardrobe?

“Probably  this sweater my great-grandmother made.  I wore the sweater for the first time over thanksgiving break  and I got so many compliments (mostly by old ladies, but she likes that”.”

CHALLENGE 3) Last but not least, style the worst outfit you can with items found in your closet.


Thanks for letting me interview you, Ashby!



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